At Land's End

God's View

From the air, the Land's End labyrinth looks like this.

At Eagles' Point, at 32nd Avenue just off El Camino del Mar, is the entrance to a trail that takes you down to the labyrinth at Land's End.

Long Stairs

I think I counted over 900 steps to the bottom of the stairway.

Beware the Troll

Beware, about half way down you may encounter a Troll living in this tree.

The Sign Post

When you get to the crossroad, take it!

The Long Road

After the steps, there's still a hike.

The Land's End Labyrinth

Finally, you're here. This picture does no justice to being present.

Truth! I was there

The Golden Gate Bridge is just a short hop away.


Someone brought these to bless the labyrinth and share the blessings with everyone.