What you'll find on this website...

My family comes from a long line of Scandinavian, English, and Irish people. All of my ancestors have been confidently traced back for six generations and, with uncertainty, back as far as the 16th century. It goes even further back with more uncertianty and inaccuracy. You'll see all that I'm willing to publish if you click on the Generations link.

The mysticism of the the Labyrinth had facinated me since I walked my first one many years ago. I love the associated lore and mythology and the sacred geometry on which they are designed. I also find that walking a labyrinth creates peacefulness when I walk in the spirit of a Walking Meditation. Click on this link, Labyrinths, where I share many public labyrinths I've visited.

If I were to try to make a living as an author, I'd starve. However, I do enjoy writing stories of people I love and some of my personal experiences. I also enjoy creating a little fiction of any genre. So, click on Short Stories and endure some of my literary creativity.

Sadly, I display a page dedcated to the memory of my daughter, Jennifer. This link, Jennifer, I wrote to honor her and share her memory with those who loved her.


This website is about some of the interests and the Family of the author, Ronald Schow. That's me. My interests are varied and numerous and only a few are entertained here. Enjoy looking around. I hope the displays herein touch you in a pleasant way, as they do me. If you are curious and have questions or just want to share about something you see here, contact me.


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